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it seems that so many women today wear themselves out trying to please everyone, be everything for everyone. it is time to stop and take time for yourself. do things because you want to. take the time to realize that you won’t always make everyone happy; you can’t always say yes to everything. most important, know t hat everyone is not going to like you and that is okay.


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daily me

good evening!

i just made it back from a grocery shopping trip that was much needed. i’m embarassed to say this but i have had to buy my salad topping from the salad bar at work the past two days. one of my favorite things to do is grocery shop so that is totally ridiculous for me. the good news is that i have finally rested up from my hectic weekend and also made it the gym for a little stress relief. ahhh, how i love to run.


before i get to the “daily me” i want to let everyone know i am now writing for as the dallas fresh foods examiner. check out yesterdays post, all about the benefits of eating fresh, whole foods:

now for the “daily me.” take some time today to reflect on something you have either failed at or not finished because you have been avoiding it. write this down in your journal and then take it on. give yourself a completion date so that you don’t put it off any longer. go, start now. hurry! you will feel great once you have accomplished this difficult task and you will grow so much. besides, you can’t build physical, mental, or emotional muscle without a little resistance.

i have been putting off starting an etsy shop because i am too afraid of failing. of course, it’s the usual: what if no one likes my stuff, what if i can’t create enough to fill the shop, what if i sell nothing. that negative thinking ends here. i am going to clear out my craft nook and head to michael’s this weekend to get started. i will let you all know how it goes.

let me know what your going to tackle. i look forward to hearing from everyone.

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sweet spot

DSC_0252we have talked about goals on here before but i want to take that one step further. i think that in accomplishing goals, it is important to realize what inspires you so that you can determine the best way to achieve any given goal. inspiration boards are a great way to go about this.

i figured we could start out the inspiration board process by first brainstorming what it is that inspires us, that sweet spot. for me, these are things that help me to recall good times from the past.

my sweet spots:

* a sunny patio, big sunglasses, a glass of sangria, and a summer dress

* a lounge chair and good book by the beach or the pool

* digging my toes in the sand

* leisurely fall walks with my pup

* a blank canvas, my paints, and a brush

* watermelon

* the farmer’s market

* my nikon camera on any given evening

* of course there are more but this is just a sample

so, tell me, what are your sweet spots? tell me those things that inspire you or bring you peace. write them down in your journal as well.

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looking within

sorry about the long break. i was out of town for a long weekend and i’m just now getting caught up.

i was checking out some questions in the book style statement and thought they would be great to share here. they really make you look within yourself which is a great way to get to know yourself better. these are definitely great to add to the journal so you can take a look back later.

i love: my hubby and dog. photography. anything vintage. family. good coffee. great books. walks in the park. sitting on patios.

i want to travel: everywhere. this one is hard. if i had to pick one place i would say the mediterranean.

philosophy on money: i work to live, don’t live to work. i like to live comfortable and making sure the bills are paid is a big deal. money definitely doesn’t rule my life, though.

one outfit for the rest of my life: a soft flowy dress. cardigan and tights with flats in the winter. flip flops in the summer.

i find sexy: confidence. sense of humor. great smile and laugh.

my philosophy on friendship: quality over quantity.

art that has moved me: most recently it would have to be abbie morrison’s photography.

tools of my trade: camera. computer. yoga mat. running shoes.

my inner rhythm: never the same. i am up and down. tired and alert. sounds exhausting i guess. it’s not most of the time.

favorite scent: japanese cherry blossom.

i nourish my well-being: reading. running. girly movies. plenty of time to myself. plenty of time with my husband.

i feel uncomfortable: with change but i always challenge myself with that. with being in an office all day but i am working to change that.

a completely outrageous thing i’d like to own: christian louboutin heels.

very interested in: helping others on a daily basis. meeting new people that are inspiring.

a small part of me: wants to move far away.

creative means to me: unique. being myself. painting. photography. inspiration. dreaming.

sensual means to me: confident. luxurious. beautiful. luscious.

now pick a couple and share in the comments what some of these things mean to you.

have a great tuesday night! i’m off to lululemon.

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daily me

Blog_035as i have said before, i think it’s very important to take time for yourself to do things that make you happy. i have several books that i use as guides for random exercises to help with self-improvement. i will put together a list of these books at a later date, but i want to take the time each week to share an exercise i am working on to be happier.

sometimes these exercises help me to grow creatively, spiritually, and/or mentally. the exercises will vary every week, the purpose of this being that it will hopefully help numerous people as well as touch on many areas of everyones lives. i am an aspiring photographer so a lot of exercises i do are to help maintain, as well as grow, my creative side. you have to find what areas of your life you look to be better at and run with it. if you need any suggestions, just let me know.

today’s exercise:

take some time to yourself. 5, 10, 30 minutes. whatever works for you. quiet the room and close your eyes. think about the things in your life that you know you would like to improve upon. think about things that make you happy but you wish you could do more often. are there any hobbies you want to start of just get better at? write it down! this is very important. if you’re anything like me, you’ll forget first thing tomorrow morning. now you will know where to focus your daily “me time.”

it would be best to keep these goals and exercises in a journal, whether it be a word document, a spiral notebook from the dollar store, or a leather bound journal from barnes and noble. you do what works for you. either way, look at it as an investment in your happines.

please share with me some of your thoughts on what makes you happy, what things you would like to improve upon, or what hobbies you might be looking to start.

hope everyone has a great night!

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