the time traveler’s wife

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i know i said i would tell you all about “the time traveler’s wife” on friday but i felt terrible all weekend after only five hours of sleep on thursday night. it’s amazing what one bad night of sleep will do to you for the next several days. in fact, i’m still tired from that night and staying up late photographing a wedding on saturday night so the gym hasn’t been an option. tomorrow, i’m there! at least i was doing something i love on the nights i was up late and found ways to fit in informal exercise all weekend.

okay, so enough babbling. back to the review. the movie was great but not what i was expecting. the book was amazing so, of course, i went in with high expectations. the book made henry’s disappearing seem so normal but the movie seemed a bit sci-fi. also, there were a lot of parts missing (over half, i think) so i struggled with that because it definitely affected the quality of the movie. in fact, there was so much missing that i couldn’t process the movie that night enough to discuss it with anyone. i could go on all day about the chapters in the book, even quote dates, but i can barely recall half of what went on in the movie.

i know this makes for a terrible review but i felt very underwhelmed walking out of the movie. i will say, though, my husband loved the movie and went on about it the next day. i think i am just biased.

one thing i will mention is that we decided to share a large popcorn and diet soda (i brough a larabar but agreed to share with him instead) and i felt terrible after two handfuls of popcorn. bleh. i haven’t had that buttery mess in a while and don’t plan on it anytime soon. i had a stomach ache through the rest of the movie and totally should have stuck with the larabar option.

i know this was a lousy post but i felt bad that i didn’t review the movie even though there wasn’t much to review. maybe i should have just reviewed the book instead. hmm…

have a good night!


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    Food n Fitness said,

    I know what you mean! I went into the movie with super high expectations not only because I loved the book, but also because the trailers looked SO good. When I got out of the movie I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not and I didn’t like how rushed it seemed–they didn’t spend enough time on their love for eachother!
    Amazing book though!

    • 2

      britt said,

      i totally agree with you that they didn’t spend enough time explaining claire and henry’s love for one another. the trailer and the book, however, completely captured it.

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