julie and julia

happy thursday everyone. friday is almost here for most people but luckily today is my friday. i have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning so i decided to make it a three day weekend.

the good news about having tomorrow off is that i get to go see “the time traveler’s wife” tonight at 12:01. i am so excited because i have spent the last couple of weeks reading the book. it was a great book but i am definitely ready to see the movie because the trailers look amazing!

the bad news is that i am an old lady and i usually fall asleep by 10:30 on any given night. let’s hope i can stay awake 🙂

oh yeah, and we also bought mini bottles of wine to sneak into the movie so that will make it even more fun. ummm…and also encourage more sleepiness. grrrr!

photo courtesy iheartcleveland.com

this past saturday i went to see “julie and julia” and i thought it was great. i wasn’t quite sure what to expect but i love julia child, cooking, and anything french, so i thought i would check it out. i am so glad i did. it actually was very funny and meryl streep did a great job playing julia.

the most interesting aspect of the movie, in my opinion, is the difference in julie’s generation (also my generation) and julia’s generation. julia always kept her spirits high and didn’t let mistakes get her down. she seemed to stand up for herself when necessary but still seemed to lead such a positive, determined life. julie, on the other hand, wrote often of her meltdowns in her blog. everytime a recipe didn’t work out she would cry it out in the kitchen or fight with her husband.

this got me thinking. is my generation spoiled? are we so used to things working out for us, being handed to use. seeing instant gratification, that we overreact when it doesn’t go our way. this, of course, is just a generalization from my experience with people my age but i’m just saying it’s something to think about.

photo courtesy elle.com

after seeing how mature, calm, and collected julia remained throughout the movie, it made me want to strive to be more like her. i want to understand that things won’t always go my way but that’s life. it’s a work in progress.

what are your thoughts on the behaviors of the different generations? please share!


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