sweet spot

DSC_0252we have talked about goals on here before but i want to take that one step further. i think that in accomplishing goals, it is important to realize what inspires you so that you can determine the best way to achieve any given goal. inspiration boards are a great way to go about this.

i figured we could start out the inspiration board process by first brainstorming what it is that inspires us, that sweet spot. for me, these are things that help me to recall good times from the past.

my sweet spots:

* a sunny patio, big sunglasses, a glass of sangria, and a summer dress

* a lounge chair and good book by the beach or the pool

* digging my toes in the sand

* leisurely fall walks with my pup

* a blank canvas, my paints, and a brush

* watermelon

* the farmer’s market

* my nikon camera on any given evening

* of course there are more but this is just a sample

so, tell me, what are your sweet spots? tell me those things that inspire you or bring you peace. write them down in your journal as well.


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