hey there everyone! thanks for the words of encouragement last week! i am happy to report that i am feeling back to my old self and besides craving the occasional peanut butter cookie here and there (i just can’t resist) i am back to green monsters, salads, and veggies. so yummy! and they make me feel fabulous to boot.

i did a little reflecting yesterday because i never made it to the gym over the weekend. in fact, i never made it to the gym all last week. and you know what, i am okay with that. two saturdays ago i ran a couple miles and it felt great. since then i have had no desire to go. and today, tuesday, is my gym day and i’m not there. i have decided that if my body only feels like a walk that day or just doing some lunges or pushups or what have you, that is okay. if i feel like running tomorrow or thursday i will go. i try not to put too much pressure on myself to run because i have terrible knees but unfortunately that’s the only time i ever give myself “credit” for working out. i love to do it but i figure i should save my knees for the days i really feel like doing it. otherwise, i should take it easy and work out a bit here at home, take walks, or do yoga (which i have been slacking on as well).

my life has been so busy with the many projects i have going at once so i figure it’s okay to give myself a break since i am perpetually exhausted from working all day in a cube and then coming home to work the other jobs i am trying to get going. a girl needs a break!

that leads me to another thing i wanted to touch on. i wish i had more time to post, preferably everyday or three times a day like some of the amazing bloggers out there but at this point it’s just not happening. i hope i don’t lose any followers because of that. if you guys prefer a post everyday, let me know. the thing is, i am in the process of starting up my own business (possibly two, i know i am crazy) and hope to take it full-time as quick as i can so a lot of my focus is going towards that right now. until i have things smoothed out with that, my posts will be a bit sporadic. just stick with me and i will find a bit more consistency, hopefully as soon as september.

so  tell me, i read a million blogs where people live to exercise. how do you handle stress, jobs, and exercise? i would love some tips if you have any.

see you tomorrow lovelies!


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