looking within

sorry about the long break. i was out of town for a long weekend and i’m just now getting caught up.

i was checking out some questions in the book style statement and thought they would be great to share here. they really make you look within yourself which is a great way to get to know yourself better. these are definitely great to add to the journal so you can take a look back later.

i love: my hubby and dog. photography. anything vintage. family. good coffee. great books. walks in the park. sitting on patios.

i want to travel: everywhere. this one is hard. if i had to pick one place i would say the mediterranean.

philosophy on money: i work to live, don’t live to work. i like to live comfortable and making sure the bills are paid is a big deal. money definitely doesn’t rule my life, though.

one outfit for the rest of my life: a soft flowy dress. cardigan and tights with flats in the winter. flip flops in the summer.

i find sexy: confidence. sense of humor. great smile and laugh.

my philosophy on friendship: quality over quantity.

art that has moved me: most recently it would have to be abbie morrison’s photography.

tools of my trade: camera. computer. yoga mat. running shoes.

my inner rhythm: never the same. i am up and down. tired and alert. sounds exhausting i guess. it’s not most of the time.

favorite scent: japanese cherry blossom.

i nourish my well-being: reading. running. girly movies. plenty of time to myself. plenty of time with my husband.

i feel uncomfortable: with change but i always challenge myself with that. with being in an office all day but i am working to change that.

a completely outrageous thing i’d like to own: christian louboutin heels.

very interested in: helping others on a daily basis. meeting new people that are inspiring.

a small part of me: wants to move far away.

creative means to me: unique. being myself. painting. photography. inspiration. dreaming.

sensual means to me: confident. luxurious. beautiful. luscious.

now pick a couple and share in the comments what some of these things mean to you.

have a great tuesday night! i’m off to lululemon.


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