operation beautiful

Blog 045wednesday night is my night to chill with myself, a glass of wine, and a girly movie (tonight’s choice is sex and the city) so this post will be short. not only do i “need” to get back to the movie, but i have a slight buzz (hey, it doesn’t take much) and i don’t want to blog drunk. is that called drogging?

anyway, i wanted to take a second to mention operation beautiful that caitlin over at healthy tipping point started up. i think it is a brilliant idea and i want you all to stop by and check it out. oh, and give it a try too. it’s a great concept: help all women to see that they are beautiful.

i posted my first post-it in my own bathroom and it’s such a great way to start the day. it simply stated, “you are beautiful.” seeing that note definitely helps me to start my day off on the right foot. my husband gave it a little laugh but in a sweet way. he understands the message i am trying to get across and agrees with the power of positive thinking.

my next post-it was left in the ladies room at work. this one i placed on the mirror and it read, “you are looking at a strong, beautiful woman.” the note stayed up most of the day, but was in the trash when i took my final break before leaving for home. i’m thinking it was the janitor that routinely cleans throughout the day that took it down. someone did walk into the bathroom right after i posted the message on the mirror and asked if i put it there. i made a quick decision to say no. i like the secrecy behind it all; i think it is much more powerful if people don’t know how it got there. so, i told a little white lie. oh well, it was innocent.

so, go out and post your quotes. let the women of the world know that they are beautiful, strong, radiant beings. and don’t forget to let caitlin at operation beautiful know as well as leaving a comment here telling me.

back to my movie! g’night!!


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