Blog 052last week i was filled with motivation to run. i didn’t give going to the gym a second thought after getting home from work. i just did.

this week is a different story completely. i had every intention of running over the weekend but saturday i felt groggy from the concert the night before and sunday i went to church. i thought about going during the day both days (mornings are typically when i go over the weekend) but it just didn’t happen. i got a little down about it because not only was i not working out, i wasn’t eating like myself either.

usually i CRAVE veggies all day long. and over the weekend i only wanted mexican food, sweets, and pancakes. i know it’s okay to splurge every once in a while but it felt like too much splurging for one weekend.

i let go of the guilt before i went to bed on sunday night because that’s no way to start the week but monday ended up being just as bad. i was craving fried foods which make me so sick, but i ate them anyway. and once again, no working out.

today i got home from work with no motivation whatsoever but tuesday is typically a running day for me so i knew i should go. i put on my (new) gym shorts and headed out the door. honestly, i think if it weren’t for the new shorts i would never have gone. maybe i would have. who knows.


well, the thing that makes this whole blog world so wonderful is you always find out you’re not the only one. i read on oh she glows this morning that angela is having the same problem. her reason is having post race blues after running 10 miles a couple of weekends ago. my reason – i’m in a funk. does that count. it does in my book.

bottom line, i’m glad i went. i just need a kick in the rear sometimes to get there. my motivations today:

* my new pink shorts
* my husband kicking me out the door (in a nice way)
* telling myself i can stop after 1 mile
* knowing i would feel great afterwards (and i do, thankyouverymuch!)

besides having new workout clothes (because that always does the trick), what motivation techniques do you use to get to the gym when you just don’t feel like going. now don’t get me wrong, if i had been consistently going for the past few days, taking a break would have been one thing. in my case, i hadn’t worked out since thursday.

everyone have a great tuesday! i’m off to make a frittata for dinner.


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