weekend wrap-up

this weekend was quite uneventful but sometimes that’s just what one needs. friday night i went to see one of my most favorite bands, the fray. we originally had lawn seats but upgraded to much better, center stage seats for only $5. score! it ended up being a great concert (not as good as the coldplay concert we saw the previous tuesday, but it’s hard to beat them) but i felt like the band was sort of full of themselves. i know this isn’t uncommon for a lot of big time bands but the fray, in past, has always been so down-to-earth. i was really disappointed to see how much they’ve changed, even in the short amount of time since i last saw them in concer (which was this past january).

as far as working out goes, this was not a good weekend for me. i had every intention of waking up on saturday morning and heading to the gym for a run and some weights but i ended up feeling so drowsy so i decided to go see the ugly truth instead. it was a great movie, very funny! i high definitely highly recommend. and that gerard butler is just so darn hot!!

sunday i went to church and brunch. we’re doing a series on “exile” and it is proving to be very intersting and making me think about a lot of my behaviors. i will share more on that later.

needless to say, the rest of the weekend i never went to the gym; to make things worse all i was craving were things like cookies, ice cream, and pancakes. this is so not me. cookies, yes, i do crave those. but usually i’m a veggie girl all the way. i have no idea what was going on with me this weekend but this has all left me feeling like a sloth. does anyone else get this way?

well, at least today is the start of a new week. i have yet to work out but have i have accomplished a lot. i do plan on running tomorrow and working out my legs. i’m counting on YOU to hold me accountable.

have a good night!


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