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Blog_035as i have said before, i think it’s very important to take time for yourself to do things that make you happy. i have several books that i use as guides for random exercises to help with self-improvement. i will put together a list of these books at a later date, but i want to take the time each week to share an exercise i am working on to be happier.

sometimes these exercises help me to grow creatively, spiritually, and/or mentally. the exercises will vary every week, the purpose of this being that it will hopefully help numerous people as well as touch on many areas of everyones lives. i am an aspiring photographer so a lot of exercises i do are to help maintain, as well as grow, my creative side. you have to find what areas of your life you look to be better at and run with it. if you need any suggestions, just let me know.

today’s exercise:

take some time to yourself. 5, 10, 30 minutes. whatever works for you. quiet the room and close your eyes. think about the things in your life that you know you would like to improve upon. think about things that make you happy but you wish you could do more often. are there any hobbies you want to start of just get better at? write it down! this is very important. if you’re anything like me, you’ll forget first thing tomorrow morning. now you will know where to focus your daily “me time.”

it would be best to keep these goals and exercises in a journal, whether it be a word document, a spiral notebook from the dollar store, or a leather bound journal from barnes and noble. you do what works for you. either way, look at it as an investment in your happines.

please share with me some of your thoughts on what makes you happy, what things you would like to improve upon, or what hobbies you might be looking to start.

hope everyone has a great night!


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