weekend wrap-up

happy monday, everyone! i hope you all had a great weekend. i know i sure did. oh yeah, and sorry about the hiatus. i had some things going on in other parts of my life so this bloggy had to be put on hold.

anyway, back to the weekend. friday night i just hung out at barnes and noble reading gossip, learning how to be more glamorous, and studying photography magazines. oh yeah, and drinking a nonfat vanilla latte. yum! i wrapped up the night with the movie lars and the real girl. great psychology movie if anyone is into that kind of thing.

saturday felt almost like a vacation; i think it was just the choice of activities. a “cool front” came in, if you can call 95 degrees cool. the day started off with a trip to the farmers market (will try to get some pictures next time) and sam’s club. i then went to the pool where i proceeded to fall asleep in the lounge chair while reading. hey, at least i was in the shade and wearing sunscreen. after the pool i was completely energized for a run so i did just that. unfortunately, i didn’t wait long enough for my food to settle so the run was cut short after only a mile. i was a little disappointed, though, because i had the energy for more but my tummy just couldn’t take it. saturday night is where things really got good. my husband took me to a french restaurant in uptown for our 4 year anniversary. it was amazing!! the bread was soft and chewy, the lobster bisque was perfecto and the tuna was cooked just right. top that all of with a glass of chardonnay and i was in heaven. my husband had a few other romantic activities planned after that but i won’t bore everyone with the cheesiness. he’s a great guy, though!!

sunday was a relaxing day with church, brunch, and some more pool time. it’s just what i needed to get ready to start the week.

like i’ve said before, you have to really take advantage of your time off, whether it be going on a great adventure or relaxing the day away. whatever makes you happy. this weekend was so refreshing for me so i was able to go into the new week in great spirits. unfortunately, i hate to say it, but that’s not how last week started out.

make sure you take time to do what you enjoy. and please share with me how your weekend went. what makes you start your new week off on the right foot?

oh yeah, one last thing. i’m working slowly but surely to give more structure and direction to this blog so stick with me. i appreciate you reading!!


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