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operation beautiful

Blog 045wednesday night is my night to chill with myself, a glass of wine, and a girly movie (tonight’s choice is sex and the city) so this post will be short. not only do i “need” to get back to the movie, but i have a slight buzz (hey, it doesn’t take much) and i don’t want to blog drunk. is that called drogging?

anyway, i wanted to take a second to mention operation beautiful that caitlin over at healthy tipping point started up. i think it is a brilliant idea and i want you all to stop by and check it out. oh, and give it a try too. it’s a great concept: help all women to see that they are beautiful.

i posted my first post-it in my own bathroom and it’s such a great way to start the day. it simply stated, “you are beautiful.” seeing that note definitely helps me to start my day off on the right foot. my husband gave it a little laugh but in a sweet way. he understands the message i am trying to get across and agrees with the power of positive thinking.

my next post-it was left in the ladies room at work. this one i placed on the mirror and it read, “you are looking at a strong, beautiful woman.” the note stayed up most of the day, but was in the trash when i took my final break before leaving for home. i’m thinking it was the janitor that routinely cleans throughout the day that took it down. someone did walk into the bathroom right after i posted the message on the mirror and asked if i put it there. i made a quick decision to say no. i like the secrecy behind it all; i think it is much more powerful if people don’t know how it got there. so, i told a little white lie. oh well, it was innocent.

so, go out and post your quotes. let the women of the world know that they are beautiful, strong, radiant beings. and don’t forget to let caitlin at operation beautiful know as well as leaving a comment here telling me.

back to my movie! g’night!!


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Blog 052last week i was filled with motivation to run. i didn’t give going to the gym a second thought after getting home from work. i just did.

this week is a different story completely. i had every intention of running over the weekend but saturday i felt groggy from the concert the night before and sunday i went to church. i thought about going during the day both days (mornings are typically when i go over the weekend) but it just didn’t happen. i got a little down about it because not only was i not working out, i wasn’t eating like myself either.

usually i CRAVE veggies all day long. and over the weekend i only wanted mexican food, sweets, and pancakes. i know it’s okay to splurge every once in a while but it felt like too much splurging for one weekend.

i let go of the guilt before i went to bed on sunday night because that’s no way to start the week but monday ended up being just as bad. i was craving fried foods which make me so sick, but i ate them anyway. and once again, no working out.

today i got home from work with no motivation whatsoever but tuesday is typically a running day for me so i knew i should go. i put on my (new) gym shorts and headed out the door. honestly, i think if it weren’t for the new shorts i would never have gone. maybe i would have. who knows.


well, the thing that makes this whole blog world so wonderful is you always find out you’re not the only one. i read on oh she glows this morning that angela is having the same problem. her reason is having post race blues after running 10 miles a couple of weekends ago. my reason – i’m in a funk. does that count. it does in my book.

bottom line, i’m glad i went. i just need a kick in the rear sometimes to get there. my motivations today:

* my new pink shorts
* my husband kicking me out the door (in a nice way)
* telling myself i can stop after 1 mile
* knowing i would feel great afterwards (and i do, thankyouverymuch!)

besides having new workout clothes (because that always does the trick), what motivation techniques do you use to get to the gym when you just don’t feel like going. now don’t get me wrong, if i had been consistently going for the past few days, taking a break would have been one thing. in my case, i hadn’t worked out since thursday.

everyone have a great tuesday! i’m off to make a frittata for dinner.

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weekend wrap-up

this weekend was quite uneventful but sometimes that’s just what one needs. friday night i went to see one of my most favorite bands, the fray. we originally had lawn seats but upgraded to much better, center stage seats for only $5. score! it ended up being a great concert (not as good as the coldplay concert we saw the previous tuesday, but it’s hard to beat them) but i felt like the band was sort of full of themselves. i know this isn’t uncommon for a lot of big time bands but the fray, in past, has always been so down-to-earth. i was really disappointed to see how much they’ve changed, even in the short amount of time since i last saw them in concer (which was this past january).

as far as working out goes, this was not a good weekend for me. i had every intention of waking up on saturday morning and heading to the gym for a run and some weights but i ended up feeling so drowsy so i decided to go see the ugly truth instead. it was a great movie, very funny! i high definitely highly recommend. and that gerard butler is just so darn hot!!

sunday i went to church and brunch. we’re doing a series on “exile” and it is proving to be very intersting and making me think about a lot of my behaviors. i will share more on that later.

needless to say, the rest of the weekend i never went to the gym; to make things worse all i was craving were things like cookies, ice cream, and pancakes. this is so not me. cookies, yes, i do crave those. but usually i’m a veggie girl all the way. i have no idea what was going on with me this weekend but this has all left me feeling like a sloth. does anyone else get this way?

well, at least today is the start of a new week. i have yet to work out but have i have accomplished a lot. i do plan on running tomorrow and working out my legs. i’m counting on YOU to hold me accountable.

have a good night!

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daily me

Blog_035as i have said before, i think it’s very important to take time for yourself to do things that make you happy. i have several books that i use as guides for random exercises to help with self-improvement. i will put together a list of these books at a later date, but i want to take the time each week to share an exercise i am working on to be happier.

sometimes these exercises help me to grow creatively, spiritually, and/or mentally. the exercises will vary every week, the purpose of this being that it will hopefully help numerous people as well as touch on many areas of everyones lives. i am an aspiring photographer so a lot of exercises i do are to help maintain, as well as grow, my creative side. you have to find what areas of your life you look to be better at and run with it. if you need any suggestions, just let me know.

today’s exercise:

take some time to yourself. 5, 10, 30 minutes. whatever works for you. quiet the room and close your eyes. think about the things in your life that you know you would like to improve upon. think about things that make you happy but you wish you could do more often. are there any hobbies you want to start of just get better at? write it down! this is very important. if you’re anything like me, you’ll forget first thing tomorrow morning. now you will know where to focus your daily “me time.”

it would be best to keep these goals and exercises in a journal, whether it be a word document, a spiral notebook from the dollar store, or a leather bound journal from barnes and noble. you do what works for you. either way, look at it as an investment in your happines.

please share with me some of your thoughts on what makes you happy, what things you would like to improve upon, or what hobbies you might be looking to start.

hope everyone has a great night!

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weekend wrap-up

happy monday, everyone! i hope you all had a great weekend. i know i sure did. oh yeah, and sorry about the hiatus. i had some things going on in other parts of my life so this bloggy had to be put on hold.

anyway, back to the weekend. friday night i just hung out at barnes and noble reading gossip, learning how to be more glamorous, and studying photography magazines. oh yeah, and drinking a nonfat vanilla latte. yum! i wrapped up the night with the movie lars and the real girl. great psychology movie if anyone is into that kind of thing.

saturday felt almost like a vacation; i think it was just the choice of activities. a “cool front” came in, if you can call 95 degrees cool. the day started off with a trip to the farmers market (will try to get some pictures next time) and sam’s club. i then went to the pool where i proceeded to fall asleep in the lounge chair while reading. hey, at least i was in the shade and wearing sunscreen. after the pool i was completely energized for a run so i did just that. unfortunately, i didn’t wait long enough for my food to settle so the run was cut short after only a mile. i was a little disappointed, though, because i had the energy for more but my tummy just couldn’t take it. saturday night is where things really got good. my husband took me to a french restaurant in uptown for our 4 year anniversary. it was amazing!! the bread was soft and chewy, the lobster bisque was perfecto and the tuna was cooked just right. top that all of with a glass of chardonnay and i was in heaven. my husband had a few other romantic activities planned after that but i won’t bore everyone with the cheesiness. he’s a great guy, though!!

sunday was a relaxing day with church, brunch, and some more pool time. it’s just what i needed to get ready to start the week.

like i’ve said before, you have to really take advantage of your time off, whether it be going on a great adventure or relaxing the day away. whatever makes you happy. this weekend was so refreshing for me so i was able to go into the new week in great spirits. unfortunately, i hate to say it, but that’s not how last week started out.

make sure you take time to do what you enjoy. and please share with me how your weekend went. what makes you start your new week off on the right foot?

oh yeah, one last thing. i’m working slowly but surely to give more structure and direction to this blog so stick with me. i appreciate you reading!!

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fitness friday

I am still trying to get more structure to this blog but I figured Fridays would be a good day for fitness. I do most of my working out on the weekends these days because I have been so busy lately. There are a lot of things that keep me from working out at the gym during the week and those are things I definitely hope to overcome.

• Spending time with my husband – My husband goes to school most during the week so if he is home I choose to stay home to be with him. If he isn’t home then I try to make a point to go

• Work – I work a full time job outside of my home and two jobs from my home so this keeps me busy a lot. If I happen to have alone time on a given night, I will choose to take advantage of this time to get some work done.

• Lack of sleep – If I don’t get at least 7 hours of sleep it affects me physically and mentally so a lot of times I use these days as recovery days from everything – work, fitness, life.

On those days that I don’t feel like going to the gym, I still do something at home to get in a little workout because it really just helps to clear my head. I want to share some my go-to at home workouts but you should also check out Ange’s Summer Glow Boot Camp for more ideas. Sometimes I will do these moves all at once when I get home from the office or sometimes I will do in random windows of free time throughout the night. Either way, any small activity you can fit in will make a difference in the way you feel.

Forearm Plank (hold as long as you can)
*picture coming tonight
Side Plank (hold as long as you can)
*picture coming tonight
Wall Sits (hold as long as you can)
*picture coming tonight
3 sets of 15 pushups
*picture coming tonight

What are the obstacles that keep you from going to the gym? Are there any quick workouts you turn to? Please share!

**Don’t forget to checkout the giveaway hosted by The Fitnessista!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

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at your best

As hardworking as most people are these days, a well-deserved day off should always be allowed so that you can recharge your batteries. Like anyone, I go through days where I am in a funk or just need some “me time.” The last two Wednesdays have been off days for me, either brought on by everyday life stressors or maybe just that hump day lull. I want to share with you my surefire ways to get me right out of that funk and on to being the person I know I can be.

Most of my “funk days” are during the week after I’ve come home from a long day at the office and feel completely drained. When you spend over eight hours a day in a place that doesn’t foster positive thinking, or even if you have a very motivating job that can be draining at times, it can spill into your personal life once you leave. Below are some ways I recover from a mentally draining day:

• take a hot bubble bath with a good book and a glass of wine (yes, I know this is typical for many people)
• watch my standard chick flick collection – The Notebook, The Holiday, P.S. I Love You, Sex and The City Movie, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. (any others out there I missed?)
• take a walk with my cutie pup – breathing in the fresh air and taking time to just think always helps to put me back into the right state of mind
• run – a lot of times I feel so drained that this is not an option but if I can just get to the gym, I’m good to go
• journal – write down what’s bothering you, what made you start feeling this way, what you can do to get back on top
• eat nutritious, whole foods – I hesitate to reach for that carton of ice cream or box of cookies because I know it will only make me feel worse afterwards
• any others out there?

These are just short-term fixes to quickly help you feel better. I know a lot of them are cliché and most people already do these things anyway, but I think it’s important that you have a tool box, of sorts, with things you know that make you feel good. Take the time to brainstorm and write down what helps you to feel happier so when that off day comes you are prepared.

There aren’t many weekends where I feel in a funk because I always make sure I spend that free time doing what makes me happy. That is definitely the key, the long-term solution: do what makes you happy. Sometimes it’s not always so easy. Believe me, I know this. It’s a matter of taking control of your life to live in the here-and-now to create a happy future. Don’t let that sunny day go by without going for a walk in the park or a dip in the pool. Rearrange your schedule to make that engagement you said you couldn’t attend because you have too much to do. If you aren’t sure what to do, check out your local newspaper for ideas.

Having a goal to accomplish things that make you happy is very important. In the next few weeks I will discuss goals here but for now, just make sure you are making the most of the time you have control over. Take a few minutes everyday for yourself.

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