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it seems that so many women today wear themselves out trying to please everyone, be everything for everyone. it is time to stop and take time for yourself. do things because you want to. take the time to realize that you won’t always make everyone happy; you can’t always say yes to everything. most important, know t hat everyone is not going to like you and that is okay.


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daily me

good evening!

i just made it back from a grocery shopping trip that was much needed. i’m embarassed to say this but i have had to buy my salad topping from the salad bar at work the past two days. one of my favorite things to do is grocery shop so that is totally ridiculous for me. the good news is that i have finally rested up from my hectic weekend and also made it the gym for a little stress relief. ahhh, how i love to run.


before i get to the “daily me” i want to let everyone know i am now writing for examiner.com as the dallas fresh foods examiner. check out yesterdays post, all about the benefits of eating fresh, whole foods: http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-20431-Dallas-Fresh-Foods-Examiner~y2009m8d18-Eating-whole-foods-help-shed-pounds

now for the “daily me.” take some time today to reflect on something you have either failed at or not finished because you have been avoiding it. write this down in your journal and then take it on. give yourself a completion date so that you don’t put it off any longer. go, start now. hurry! you will feel great once you have accomplished this difficult task and you will grow so much. besides, you can’t build physical, mental, or emotional muscle without a little resistance.

i have been putting off starting an etsy shop because i am too afraid of failing. of course, it’s the usual: what if no one likes my stuff, what if i can’t create enough to fill the shop, what if i sell nothing. that negative thinking ends here. i am going to clear out my craft nook and head to michael’s this weekend to get started. i will let you all know how it goes.

let me know what your going to tackle. i look forward to hearing from everyone.

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the time traveler’s wife

Blog 054hello there!

i know i said i would tell you all about “the time traveler’s wife” on friday but i felt terrible all weekend after only five hours of sleep on thursday night. it’s amazing what one bad night of sleep will do to you for the next several days. in fact, i’m still tired from that night and staying up late photographing a wedding on saturday night so the gym hasn’t been an option. tomorrow, i’m there! at least i was doing something i love on the nights i was up late and found ways to fit in informal exercise all weekend.

okay, so enough babbling. back to the review. the movie was great but not what i was expecting. the book was amazing so, of course, i went in with high expectations. the book made henry’s disappearing seem so normal but the movie seemed a bit sci-fi. also, there were a lot of parts missing (over half, i think) so i struggled with that because it definitely affected the quality of the movie. in fact, there was so much missing that i couldn’t process the movie that night enough to discuss it with anyone. i could go on all day about the chapters in the book, even quote dates, but i can barely recall half of what went on in the movie.

i know this makes for a terrible review but i felt very underwhelmed walking out of the movie. i will say, though, my husband loved the movie and went on about it the next day. i think i am just biased.

one thing i will mention is that we decided to share a large popcorn and diet soda (i brough a larabar but agreed to share with him instead) and i felt terrible after two handfuls of popcorn. bleh. i haven’t had that buttery mess in a while and don’t plan on it anytime soon. i had a stomach ache through the rest of the movie and totally should have stuck with the larabar option.

i know this was a lousy post but i felt bad that i didn’t review the movie even though there wasn’t much to review. maybe i should have just reviewed the book instead. hmm…

have a good night!

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julie and julia

happy thursday everyone. friday is almost here for most people but luckily today is my friday. i have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning so i decided to make it a three day weekend.

the good news about having tomorrow off is that i get to go see “the time traveler’s wife” tonight at 12:01. i am so excited because i have spent the last couple of weeks reading the book. it was a great book but i am definitely ready to see the movie because the trailers look amazing!

the bad news is that i am an old lady and i usually fall asleep by 10:30 on any given night. let’s hope i can stay awake 🙂

oh yeah, and we also bought mini bottles of wine to sneak into the movie so that will make it even more fun. ummm…and also encourage more sleepiness. grrrr!

photo courtesy iheartcleveland.com

this past saturday i went to see “julie and julia” and i thought it was great. i wasn’t quite sure what to expect but i love julia child, cooking, and anything french, so i thought i would check it out. i am so glad i did. it actually was very funny and meryl streep did a great job playing julia.

the most interesting aspect of the movie, in my opinion, is the difference in julie’s generation (also my generation) and julia’s generation. julia always kept her spirits high and didn’t let mistakes get her down. she seemed to stand up for herself when necessary but still seemed to lead such a positive, determined life. julie, on the other hand, wrote often of her meltdowns in her blog. everytime a recipe didn’t work out she would cry it out in the kitchen or fight with her husband.

this got me thinking. is my generation spoiled? are we so used to things working out for us, being handed to use. seeing instant gratification, that we overreact when it doesn’t go our way. this, of course, is just a generalization from my experience with people my age but i’m just saying it’s something to think about.

photo courtesy elle.com

after seeing how mature, calm, and collected julia remained throughout the movie, it made me want to strive to be more like her. i want to understand that things won’t always go my way but that’s life. it’s a work in progress.

what are your thoughts on the behaviors of the different generations? please share!

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sweet spot

DSC_0252we have talked about goals on here before but i want to take that one step further. i think that in accomplishing goals, it is important to realize what inspires you so that you can determine the best way to achieve any given goal. inspiration boards are a great way to go about this.

i figured we could start out the inspiration board process by first brainstorming what it is that inspires us, that sweet spot. for me, these are things that help me to recall good times from the past.

my sweet spots:

* a sunny patio, big sunglasses, a glass of sangria, and a summer dress

* a lounge chair and good book by the beach or the pool

* digging my toes in the sand

* leisurely fall walks with my pup

* a blank canvas, my paints, and a brush

* watermelon

* the farmer’s market

* my nikon camera on any given evening

* of course there are more but this is just a sample

so, tell me, what are your sweet spots? tell me those things that inspire you or bring you peace. write them down in your journal as well.

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hey there everyone! thanks for the words of encouragement last week! i am happy to report that i am feeling back to my old self and besides craving the occasional peanut butter cookie here and there (i just can’t resist) i am back to green monsters, salads, and veggies. so yummy! and they make me feel fabulous to boot.

i did a little reflecting yesterday because i never made it to the gym over the weekend. in fact, i never made it to the gym all last week. and you know what, i am okay with that. two saturdays ago i ran a couple miles and it felt great. since then i have had no desire to go. and today, tuesday, is my gym day and i’m not there. i have decided that if my body only feels like a walk that day or just doing some lunges or pushups or what have you, that is okay. if i feel like running tomorrow or thursday i will go. i try not to put too much pressure on myself to run because i have terrible knees but unfortunately that’s the only time i ever give myself “credit” for working out. i love to do it but i figure i should save my knees for the days i really feel like doing it. otherwise, i should take it easy and work out a bit here at home, take walks, or do yoga (which i have been slacking on as well).

my life has been so busy with the many projects i have going at once so i figure it’s okay to give myself a break since i am perpetually exhausted from working all day in a cube and then coming home to work the other jobs i am trying to get going. a girl needs a break!

that leads me to another thing i wanted to touch on. i wish i had more time to post, preferably everyday or three times a day like some of the amazing bloggers out there but at this point it’s just not happening. i hope i don’t lose any followers because of that. if you guys prefer a post everyday, let me know. the thing is, i am in the process of starting up my own business (possibly two, i know i am crazy) and hope to take it full-time as quick as i can so a lot of my focus is going towards that right now. until i have things smoothed out with that, my posts will be a bit sporadic. just stick with me and i will find a bit more consistency, hopefully as soon as september.

so  tell me, i read a million blogs where people live to exercise. how do you handle stress, jobs, and exercise? i would love some tips if you have any.

see you tomorrow lovelies!

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the blahs

so i’m going to make this a quick post because i am taking a night off. i just feel so blah today and need a break. i’m sure everyone has those days. mine come once a month. yup!

for some reason this times just way worse. the last two days i have wanted nothing but sweets and bread. i know it doesn’t sound that bad but i am usually a girl that drinks a green monster for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and two different veggies for dinner. bread and sweets are a little out of daily routine.

yesterday after lunch all i could think about were chips, so off to the vending machine i went for some sun chips. thank goodness for that dollar bill floating around my bag. today for dinner i was craving pizza (from a sushi place, mind you – i LOVE sushi) so that’s what i got. and then we went to barnes and noble to read and i couldn’t leave without a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. yummm!!

i know in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t seem that bad and i know it’s not. i will get over this in the next day or two and be back at the gym tomorrow but this food i crave just makes me feel worse. maybe that’s the reason it’s worse this time around, because i’m actually giving in to my cravings even though i know they don’t agree with my stomach.

i’m going to get back to my movie. i love “yes man.”

do tell me, though, anyone out there have these days. i know you do but a girl needs to know she’s not alone.


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